10 Amazing Architectural Designs for Modern Residence

Do you want to create a wonderful residence for your life? Get it by applying amazing architectural designs. The designs cover all things in your house. Work with them well and they will give you a great place to live. There, you can write your story of your life day by day.

Make sure that the story of your life is interesting. You surely have some problems but don’t let the problems of your house to be one of them. One the other side, your family also should enjoy living there. You can provide the best house for them. So, they will be able to spend their time comfortably.

The amazing architectural designs for your residence are started from the materials. Bricks can be one of materials. Combine the bricks with glass. The glass and the finished bricks which are applied on the house bring a modern sense.

You can use the bricks to build your house, and let public rooms in your house covered with glass. Do it in your living room which faces to the front yard and the family room or dining room that face to your backyard.

The glass in the living room gives you a great look, moreover when you are designing the front yard with wonderful landscaping and colourful flower. You will be served a beautiful view while chatting with your guests. It also makes you easy to know who comes to your house. The glass wall in the dining room also gives an awesome view of backyard.

Go on your design by presenting a pond around your house. Build it with blue tiles to get a natural look of sea. Give a different thing there by building a small part in the middle of the pond. Plant a tree and cover the land with green grass. Look, your house is very fresh, right? Install marble floor for a luxurious feel and a cream with beautiful ceiling décor.

The amazing architectural designs will make your house more beautiful with décor. Get the most stunning one and apply to your house. You will be able to live there happily and comfortably.

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