10 Amazing IKEA Bedroom Design Ideas 2017

2017 has gone, but the IKEA bedroom design ideas of 2017 still exits and cool to be your inspiration in your bedroom. Let’s check it. You will find something wonderful to be applied in your room.

The IKEA products that are used in the room will not only fulfil your need in the room, but the cool look of them can add the greatness of the room. Working with your own ideas is also possible to make the room really yours and you feel that everything there shows who you are.

What IKEA products that will make your bedroom cozy and nice to stay?
One of important things must be in your bedroom is a bed. A white IKEA bed can be your choice. Combine it with a black bed sheet. The design ideas of IKEA 2017 also bring cheerful but charming look to the room. The bed sheet that is also combined with colourful floral patterns brings the rooms cheerful.

Choose the pillows that have the same theme. The simple white IKEA table beside the bed can be used for placing a black IKEA table lamp. Face the lamp to the bed to light your bed when you are going to go bed. A black photo frame with your photo of your life can make it more inviting.

Add another round table on the other side of the bed and use it to beautify the room by placing pink flowers in a glass vase. Don’t forget to keep the room in white. The wall, ceiling and floor look modern, cool and clean in white. Spread a black rug with white stripes on the floor. This makes you cozy to step on your feet there and beautify the room. Hang some white photo frames on the wall over the bed.

A white box with glass door can be an accessory there. Just float it on the wall and fill it with urn. Illuminate them with dramatic lighting. Look! It will be really amazing. Expand your creativity by creating outstanding accessories as the combination of the IKEA bedroom design 2017.

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