10 Amazing Man Bathroom Designs

When we are going to design a man bathroom, we surely think that it must be masculine. Lose the girly look, but present cool and masculine impression totally in the bathroom. It is not a hard way to design a cool man bathroom.

Apply everything which gives masculine looks started from the dominant color of your bathroom. There are some colors that indicate man colors. They are black or grey. Those are great colors that show strength or power. Build it simple and minimalist to get a cool impression.

Be effective by applying the black on the wall of the bathroom. You may use black tiles for that. This way will make your bathroom really dark. To solve it, you can paint the ceiling white or light grey. One side of the walls may also be painted white or light grey. The black color will support everything in your bathroom perfect.

Garb marble for that. Marble can be a way to get stunning look. Use vintage furniture to help you get what you want. Yet, a black bathtub can be yours. Complete it with grey toilets other grey appliances. Use bright wooden shelves as the storage in your bathroom. Make you feel comfortable.

Stones sinks are bowl shapes can be yours. Make you more comfortable doing activities there, by installing a mirror. Some white accessories are allowed to be there. Go on by grabbing things for your like spa. It is a good way to build the spa yourself. It means that you can work with something you like. Don’t put something you don’t like. This will make you feel bored being in the bathroom.

Keep it cool and masculine by using modern lighting. White bright is cool four your bathroom. If you like dramatic impression, you will be able to present the dramatic feel of the bathroom through dim lighting.

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