10 Amazing Wood Canopy Beds

When you get bored with the atmosphere of your bedroom, you can do several things. One of them is to create their own canopy bed. A canopy can give a different impression on your room. Besides, canopy beds will also beautify your bed so that you can be comfortable in it.

There are many ways to make a canopy bed. One of them is by using wood. DIY canopy bed made ​​of wood may take your time. But if you can make it well, it will definitely make your bed cool. The simplest wood canopy bed is in the form of box. You just need a few small pieces of wood and shape it as a canopy bed. You want to bring rustic nuance to the bedroom? Let the wood in its original color. You do not need to paint it. But if you want a modern one, it’s better if you paint with a glossy black or dark brown color.

Add two sheets of thin white cloth on it. Utilize the fabric to protect you from mosquito bites when you sleep. On the other hand, you can get rid of it when you feel hot. Another way to create a unique wood canopy bed is the shape of the wood like a tree. Color it with dark brown of wood or you may just varnish it. Make a few branches on it. Do not forget to add a bit of dried leaves made from paper or plastic on it. The green color of the leaves can also be chosen if you want a natural and fresh impression.

By placing canopy bed tree-liked at each corner of the bed will make you feel that you are sleeping in the woods and surrounded by trees. Use a beige bed cover. The beige bed sheet would match with the color of the wood canopy bed. In perfecting your canopy bed, you can combine it with a decorative chandelier lamp or a round lamp.

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