10 Awesome Basement Bar Ideas

One of many rooms you can build in your basement is a bar. It is really suitable for you who like to enjoy wine. You don’t need to go to outside to get the wine, but you can feel the nuance of bar at your home. To get a perfect bar, you can grab the awesome basement bar ideas. They will guide you make the basement bar really yours. You can feel the nuance of bar without visiting it. You just need to go down to the basement and you can get into the bar. How to design it? Let’s see.

You can start by choosing the bar table. There are many styles and kinds of bar tables which you can use for your basement bar. One of them is a wooden bar table. You can choose yellowish one. It will look interesting with other things there.

The stone wall can be your choice. It will give you a strong impression to the room. Continue the idea by installing a dark brown plafond on the ceiling. The ceiling will be more inviting with it. Install some ceiling lamps to light the bar.

Placing a screen on the wall is welcome. You can enjoy the drink while checking the update news. Add a wine rack. As you are placing a TV there, you can choose the short wine rack and place it under the TV. Once it has finished, the next idea is by using comfortable stools. When you are enjoying the wine, you can sit comfortably on brown stools with soft pads. Place them in front of the bar table.

Ask your friends in some times to have wine together there. Another of awesome basement bar ideas is the lighting. Traditional pendant lamps with yellow lighting are great for your bar. Just hang some pendant lamps over the bar table. It will make the bar more dramatic.

Beautifying a basement is one of awesome basement bar ideas. Use plant pots and place them on some spaces around the bar. A glass vase can be yours, too. It will freshen up the room.

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