10 Awesome Modern Farmhouse Designs

Design your house as comfortable as possible. Make your family and you happy living there. Make it the most comfortable place to spend your time together. Present something different there. You can build an awesome modern farmhouse. It is very great for you. It will give you more than just a residence. You can share your love to your family. You also can do your hobby of gardening comfortably there. Even, you can lose your stress and forget your office problems in the house.

Build your modern farmhouse with a great plan. Choose brick or stones as the main material of building your house. It is also possible to use both of them in the same time. Just apply them as the wall of the house. You need to smooth the stone. Smoothing the stone wall can give modern impression of the farmhouse.

Building many glass windows is also a way to get a modern sense. Combine them with dark wooden window frames. Next, use the best roof for your house. Present a porch in the front part of the house. Design it beautifully. Use wooden seats and a glass table. Beautify the glass table with a beautiful flower vase. Add some green plants pots around it. It will be really fresh and rustic.

Do you like swimming? You can do that in your own house. Building a swimming pool in your backyard can be your choice. Build it with unusual shape like an island, circle, oval, or other unique shapes. Make the area around the swimming pool green. Grow green grass. Colorful flowers on some spots can make the backyard charming and colorful.

Two or three trees can withstand the sunlight that’s too bright at noon. Then, the use of furniture also determines the beauty of your farmhouse. Use the rustic wooden furniture. Combine it with the modern one. It will make you enjoy using it and it will also give you beautiful look.

Perfect the modern farmhouse through lighting. Choose the yellow lighting from a decorative chandelier. Get an awesome look of your house with it.

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