10 Cool Black and White Bedroom Design Featuring a Sculpture Wavy Wall

Be ready for having a wonderful bedroom for your rest. There are many things you can do for that. In this way, you just need to be creative. Make your bedroom different from the others by applying a sculpture wavy wall. This will be really wonderful. As the wall is one of items that form your bedroom, it means that it has a big role in determining the coolness and the greatness of the bedroom.

So, let’s try to work with the sculpture wavy wall as the combination of your bedroom. Before starting the project, for you who like something modern, cool but without applying bright colors, black and white is a good way. Use black and white as the color of the bedroom and its contents.

Decide what color you want to apply on each item in the bedroom, white or black. Check how many wall sides you want to design for a sculpture wavy wall. It will be great to take two sides of the wall. Let the side where the door to get into your bedroom plain without any sculpture. On the opposite of it, it is better for you to build windows.

Floor to the ceiling glass windows can be your choice. Install two layers of curtains. The outside can be a thin white curtain and a think black curtain. Put aside the black curtains and let the sunlight comes to the bedroom in the morning. Now, you can work with the wall in front of the bed. Present a wonderful sculpture on the wall.

The complex monolithic elements that are combined with intricate curves really lose the monotonous wall. There will space between the panels you work there. Look! It is really modern and elegant. Choose white or light grey for that. Hang a black LED TV there and enjoy your time by watching it. Lay down your back on the white bed with a black bed sheet and black pillows.

Work with padded wall on the side behind the headboard. It will give a coziness and friendly impression. Perfect the bedroom with a sculpture wavy wall by using black furniture and a white rug. Get a cool bedroom and get a good quality of rest.

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