10 Cool Black Girly Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black doesn’t always mean gothic and gloomy. It can be a good way to create a charming bedroom. By combining it with other chic colors, your aim can be achieved. There some colors that can be the combination of black to get the chic look. That is purple. Although black tends to neutral for all colors, but purple is the best choice for you. They can be also combined with white.

But the black dominates the room and it is applied on the wall. The purple can be applied on the some items or accessories that beautify the room. How should you work with those colors so they can create an amazing look for the room?

Begin applying black paint on the wall. Do it yourself. Move your canvas and start to color the wall of the room black. This will be cheaper than you ask a painter to do that.

The black walls will surely make the room dark. But, the white that is applied on the ceiling and on the flooring helps you much in making the room bright. Continue to the use of furniture. This will simply take a white bed with white and black pillows.

Charming velvet pillows can also be your choice. Work with the purple. Get the purple from the flowers. Put them in a modern glass vase. Another way, a white marble vase is also cool for the purple flowers. They will look charming on the white nightstand beside the bed. Think big and creative. Create handmade accessories and show them off through the black wall.

Are you a painter? Try to tell your minds by pictures. Move the canvas and create great painting that is dominated by black, white, and purple. A black puff with purple cushions can be a choice to add the charm of the bedroom. Just enjoy yourself there!

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