10 Cool Modern Bedroom Design with Unique Wall Shelves

Are you designing your bedroom? Do you want to make it look modern with something different? It is simple. Think big and unusual. Grab amazing ideas to make your aim comes true. Do you belong to someone who like modernise? Make your room modern is a right way.

A bedroom is not only a place for sleeping, but it is also a space where you do many things privately. On the other hands, in your bedroom you will also be able to relax without any disturbing from other people. Lay down your body and relax for getting your spirit back. Begin your project of creating cool modern bedroom by selecting the best color.

Grey and white can be your choice. Insert a bit chic purple through some things there. Let’s apply grey on the wall of the bedroom. The entire room and the ceiling in the same color, grey. Make the room warm and cool with wooden flooring. Take the light wooden flooring and start installing it as the floor where you step your feet on.

After that, you can go to the furniture store and get the best one. Have white furniture. A white bed and white headboard with purple bed sheet and pillows are really charming. Put a white dresser beside the bed. Install white wall shelves. Install the simple one. Use them to store your book collection.

On the other side, white wall shelves that are combined with violet lose the boring grey wall. Fill it with some charming accessories. When you are going to sleep, you use dim lighting. Get it from the cool white table lamp. Relax and relax by laying down your back there.

Greenery is always a nice thing to do. You can also do it in your bedroom. Just have some green potted plants and put them around your room.

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