10 Cool Vintage Bedroom Design with Turquoise and Pink Accents

Get a charm of your bedroom through the vintage style. Apply the vintage colors to the all parts of you bedroom. It can firstly start from the bedroom colors. Continue to the furniture and perfect it through the accessories. Choose the most charming things for your bedroom.

Present beautiful accessories and awesome lighting to get a romantic atmosphere. You can start it by making the house looks neutral. Just paint the room cream. It is warm, friendly, and neutral. Just apply it on the ceiling and wall. Install wooden flooring. Get the darker wooden flooring than the wall. It makes the room cool.

Begin to give turquoise and accents to the bedroom through the furniture. A luxurious bed can be one of the furniture you place there. Carvings on the headboard add the beauty and luxury of the bed. Combine it with a turquoise bed sheet. Bring an interesting look more and more by placing shabby green pillows and pink ones. Look! It is charming, right?

Build a fireplace in front of your bed. Use bricks to build it. Let it on the original color of bricks to get a pretty natural look. If you like to get modern impression, you can make it finished and paint it green and cream. Place a wonderful mirror with gold frames on the fireplace sill. Decorate it with charming green and pink flowers in a glass vase.

Two wall lamps on the both sides of the mirror are cool for that. Sitting on the turquoise puff is a nice moment you can do before sleeping with your lovely one. Chatting and feeling the warmness of the fireplace makes you feel more comfortable. Have a cool nook in the part of your bedroom.

Have talks in the afternoon with your beloved one and enjoy the scenery outside by putting the curtain aside. A set of seat with turquoise cushions are suitable for it. Bring the vintage bedroom more amazing by hanging a pink or green glass chandelier in the middle of the bedroom. Enjoy sleeping and get your energy back there.

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