10 Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Sleeping in a comfortable room makes you are able to get your fresh body. You will have a good a quality of rest there. As the result, you will be able to join the class at your school and do your activities along the day.

Yet, the comfortable room is not enough. You have to make it charming so that you will enjoy being there. To create a charming and cozy room, you can grab the cute dorm room ideas. Apply them on your room and you will love it. The activities there will be one of enjoyable one to do.

To create a room as you want, you can start by applying the first of the cute dorm room ideas. That’s by painting the wall with light brown or cream. It is more neutral and can be combined with other colors. Bring a large impression to the room by coloring the ceiling with the same color as the wall.

The large room can be warmer with wooden flooring. Choose the light brown wooden flooring. Try to get a darker floor than the wall. When it is done, you can continue the ideas of choosing the best furniture for the room. Begin from the most important thing. A bed is what you have to choose first.

The shabby dark green bed can be your choice. Use a shabby dark green blanket with black patterns. Add shabby pink pillows make the bed cute by placing some animal dolls. Complete the furniture with a black study desk and a pink chair.

Add wall shelves near the desk. You can enjoy studying there and get the books your need easily. Use bright lighting. Make sure that you can do your work there with enough lighting. Don’t forget to spread out a black rug with green dots. You can also spend your break time by sitting on a shabby green puff.

Decorating your room is also one of the dorm room ideas. Use cute and colorful things to finish your job. You can use the wall to place them. The last get more than just lighting. A pink rounded pendant lamp is the answer. Look! It is really yours, isn’t it?

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