10 Elegant White U Shaped Kitchen Designs

Do you have a small house? Do you have to do many things there? You have to be smart. You can do many things you must do comfortably there, including cooking. Cooking is maybe one of activities you have to do every day.

Preparing meals for your family is started from cooking to the serving. They will be done happily in a beautiful and cozy kitchen. A kitchen which does not only give you a great look but also make you free to move from one place to another. And U shaped kitchen can be your choice.

First, before designing the kitchen, you need to build windows there. Some glass windows will be a good choice. The sunlight that enters to the kitchen will enlighten the kitchen brightly at noon.

Try to build them face to the backyard. It gives you fresh scenery while cooking. Then, you can start the way of creating an elegant white U shaped kitchen. Begin by installing U shaped cabinets on the floor. You don’t need to install upper cabinets as there will no wall large wall for it. You have used it for the windows.

Choose the white cabinets with white countertop as the top. Place stove and other kitchen tools there. Don’t forget the sink. Choose the white one. Install it in front of the window, so you can wash the dishes and seeing your children who playing in the backyard in the same time. Next, put the refrigeration next to the U shaped cabinets. The side of the kitchen is used as a dining table.

You can serve the cook there. Ask your family to have breakfast or dinner there. You don’t need any divider to separate the kitchen with other room. It gives a large impression in a small house. Complete the dining table with white chairs. Bring warmth to the room by installing wooden floor. Combine it with white ceiling. It is elegant, isn’t it?

Perfect the U shaped kitchen with great lighting and fresh look. You just need to install some white ceiling lamp and place fresh flowers and you will get a great kitchen.

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