10 Fantastic DIY Canopy Bed Designs

How is your bedroom? Is it boring? Or do you need something there? You have many options to make your bedroom more interesting. One of them is by applying a canopy bed. It has multiple functions. It can cover the bed when you are sleeping so that you will not be bitten by mosquito. Yet, it is not only as a protector. It gives contribution to the beauty of the room.

That’s why you should choose the best one. You don’t need to spend much money for achieving your aim. Just do it yourself on your weekend. You can show your creativity through it. The DIY canopy bed will give you more than what you need.

One of many kinds of DIY canopy bed is a fabric canopy. A fabric canopy can be your choice. You will not feel complicated with the process of creating it. It is really simple and easy to do. And of course it is cheap. It will not take the money in your pocket. Do you want to make your room more charming? It can be done through the pink fabric canopy bed. Choose the long one. Adjust it with the size of the bed.

Make two hangers on the part when the feet are and the headboard is. Use small bamboos and hang them on the ceiling. When it has installed, you can begin put the pink fabric on it. Let the fabric close the wall behind the headboard. Add a love on it. You can use fabric of paper for creating it. The other end of the fabric can be tied on the pole of the canopy. Pair it with beautiful ribbons.

Use white bed and white pillows to get a chic bedroom with DIY canopy bed. Add some stripes pillows to make it more interesting. Place a white or pink day bed in front of the bed. You can use it for relaxing after arriving home from the office. It is nice, right?

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