10 Interesting Black and White Living Room

Show your character to everyone through a living room. Give a good impression to them. Make them comfortable and happy being at your living room. And to achieve those, you can do them by designing it with the best design, beautifying it with chic décor, and making it cozy with comfortable furniture. Choose the coolest color as the dominant color for that. It is very important as a color can determine the mood of the room and has a big contribution to the beauty of the living room.

Do you have a strong character? Do you dislike something weak or too girly? Applying black and white living room is a right choice for you. The white that’s applied on the wall and the ceiling, the black which is applied on the use of furniture, and warm that’s presenting on the floor will be a great combination in your living room.

To start your way of creating black and white living room, you can paint the wall with white. Do the same thing to the ceiling. Add some accent on the ceiling so it will be more inviting. The white brings a large impression to the room.

Modern impression is also what you will get with it. Then, you can continue by applying the black on the furniture. One of comfortable furniture if sofa. Choose soft black sofa and place it attached the wall. Pair with two black chairs on the opposite side.

Serve your guests of everyone who comes to your house with food and drinks on a black table. Use a triangle of semi circle table. It makes a modern impression. Don’t forget to apply the black also on the floor. You can bring warmth through the black flooring. You simple install black wooden flooring. Spread an orange rug. Look! It is more alive and fresh.

Lose the boring white wall with orange and black and white paintings. Freshen it up by presenting green plants in the corner. The black and white living room can be more interesting with a floor lamp. A curve floor lamp will help you to get it.

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