10 Interesting Living Room with Faux Painting

Create something different in your living room through color. Expand your concept of color. Include the multidimensional softness of a color-washed sky at twilight, or the look of fine linen or raw silk.

Let your inspiration be your guide to transform your home’s surfaces into visually stunning décor by using a few simple faux painting techniques. It is very simple to do. You will be able to do that. As the result, your living room will be really awesome.

Let’s know how design a living room with faux painting. You can apply the faux painting on the wall of the living room. If you have much time, you can do yourself. It will give you more satisfaction. When you want to begin working with your project, make sure that the wall is clean.

Clean your walls thoroughly and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. Then, you can continue by preparing all the materials you need. Choose the best color for the Glaze Mixture. The glaze extender allows you more ‘open time’ for your glaze mixture, and keeps it wet and workable longer. For longer open time, add more glaze extender to the mixture. Next, apply it on the wall. You can start from the upper corner.

Then, use either a brush or roller to apply your glaze mixture in sections about two feet by two feet. Work from the ceiling toward your floor. Use a clean, dampened sea sponge to pull the glaze color off your wall, taking care to rinse it with clean water and wring frequently. Make sure that you maintain a wet edge as you glaze, to prevent any hard lines from forming on your wall as you work from one section to another.

If you want a hint of depth, use a glaze color in the same color family no more than two shades deeper than your base color. And for a bolder look, select one or more glaze colors from different color families.
Your project has finished. Perfect the faux painting with other things in your living room. Your living room will be more interesting.

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