10 Wonderful Black and White Bathroom

Get a sensation of bathing in a wonderful black and white bathroom. You need to design it as god as possible. Apply the black and the white correctly in the bathroom. Decorate it beautifully and you will achieve your aim.

Start applying the black on the floor. Choose black tiles with beautiful pattern to get a cool but charming floor. Install them as the floor of black and white bathroom. You feet will enjoy step on. Go on your way by installing white tiles with beautiful patterns on the wall. It is done as the use of water. By covering the wall with tiles, it will be more durable. Besides, you will also easy to clean it.

Yet, you will take a side of the wall to be covered with black tiles. It is main point in the bathroom. Use it as the background of the sinks. Build a concrete sink stand and cover it with black tiles. Combine it with white top. And now, you can place a white bowl sink. Complete it with a stainless steel faucet.

What’s next? The mirror that is you will install is better to be franked with white decorative frames. It looks stunning on the black wall. Place a white vase and fill it with white flowers and green leaves. Add a black tissue box there. Don’t forget to illuminate its beautiful part with white lighting from the ceiling lamps. In front of it, a white toilet can be put.

Spread a toilet cloth to make it interesting and lose the disgusting impression of a toilet. On the opposite side o the toilet, you can build a shower room. A glass shower room can be your choice. It will not make the bathroom crowded. Choose a silver shower and stainless steel hangers to hang the towel when you are bathing there.

Making your black and white bathroom fresh is necessary. Just do it by placing a potted green plant. You will enjoy the natural sense through it.

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