11 Cool Black and White Bathroom Ideas with a Retro Vibe

Retro Vibe can be a great alternative to make your black and white bathroom cool. It will also show you how you should work to get a classic look. This needs a bit attention indeed. You should look at the smallest things and everything there. Each item in the bathroom must be considered.

When you want to design the bathroom, it can be started by painting the ceiling white. The white wall is also a good choice to complete the room. You can choose white tile with awesome patterns on some spots. It makes the bathroom looks more inviting. Install white floor with amazing black pattern. This will be really amusing.

Think about the other things in the bathroom. The toiletries and also other appliances you place must be cool. Get them all retro. Make effort in making them look wonderful and elegant. You can choose a modern shower cabin with vintage look.

The amazing gilded frame also adds the greatness of it. The unique pendent lamp over the bathtub is also great. Get the sensation of bathing there. Another thing that you should thing in the bathroom is its storage. This is really important to keep the bathroom tidy, clean, and comfortable to do the activities. Dark storage is what you’d better choose.

If you place other furniture in the bathroom, it should be in dark color, too to keep everything in harmony. The mirror you place in the bathroom can be franked with cool black frame. If you have installed the mirror on the wall, charming two wall lamps can add the dramatic of the space.

Perfect everything in the bathroom by applying inviting décor. Bring the amusing retro feel to the bathroom. Play with your own creative mind and sensitive feel of your heart in designing the bathroom to get right accessories.

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