11 Cool Modern Kitchen with DIY Kitchen Island

Do you should prepare meals for your family every day? Do you have to do that yourself without any person help you? It should be very tiring. But, you have to enjoy that activity. You will be able to enjoy cooking activity in an amusing kitchen. It will give you more than just a place for cooking.

You will be able to cook there comfortably. To get an amusing kitchen, one of many things which you can do is by using a DIY kitchen island. You will work with your own ability to make it. Do that on your weekend or on your break time. It will make you be on the top satisfaction.

To create a DIY kitchen island, you don’t have to go to store to get the materials. A kitchen island can be created from wood. You can take the woods from the used wooden furniture in your warehouse or other rest of wood when you are building your house. This way gives you more advantages than you get the new woods from the store. It is very cheap. You can use the budget for other needs. Start working with the project by sanding it. This is to lose the paint on the woods.

Cut the woods into some pieces with the size as you want. When it has finished, you can unite all the pieces of the woods to be a kitchen island. Use nail or glue to do that. If you like to make it easy to move from one place to another, you can use iron stands. Complete it with wheels on each leg. Move it wherever you want easily.

Let the kitchen island on the original color of the woods. You will get a rustic kitchen island with this way. Make it more perfect with wonderful lighting over it. Glass pendant lamps on a board which floated on the ceiling are really cool. The light reflection is very awesome.

Last, freshen up your DIY kitchen island with a green pot plant. Take the small one and put it on the kitchen island. It is amusing. Enjoy cooking there.

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