11 Cool Versatile Modular Bathroom Furniture System

A wonderful bathroom can be created through anything. Many things you can choose to make your dream of a great bathroom come true. If you like modern things, cool versatile modular bathroom can be applied into the bathroom. This brings a spacious impression.

Modern feel can be also presented through the white color that dominates the room. You can feel that you are not in a bathroom. It will be as inviting as your living room, even if you want, you are able to design it more than what you wish.

Try to apply Via Veneto by Falper. This will help you much in creating a great bathroom to relax and lose any tiring you feel along the day. The white that covers the entire room is really clean and modern. Get the best white paint and begin moving your canvas on the wall. Paint the entire wall white. White ceiling is what you need. Just paint it white.

You don’t need to apply carvings or complicated and unnecessary details. Simple will bring the modern feel. White marble flooring will make the room more spacious. The shiny of the marble also makes the bathroom looks stunning. Apply built-in washbasins in your bathroom. You are still working with white. Complete it with silver faucets.

Shiny black bathroom cabinets over the washbasins are very cool. Perfect it with white pendant lamps. Add a wooden chair in front of it. Let it on the original color of the wood. Present brown wooden shelves there. It will be an unusual thing to build a library in your bathroom. But, trust me that you will be able to relax there.

While lying down your back in the bathtub, you can enjoy reading your favourite books. The presence of a tree-like adds the comfort of the room. Perfect a wooden back chair under the tree and sit there before bathing. Keep the harmony of the bathroom by installing bright lighting that is got from a luxurious chandelier. Enjoy bathing!

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