11 Creative Bookcase Bedroom in Japan

Many things we can do to make our life more interesting and valuable. It is not about our wealth, but about everything that gives us many lessons and makes us better and better. Don’t only think about money that brings happiness to our life.

Experiences and knowledge are really important. To get them, one you can do is by having a good quality time of resting. And it can only be done by building a comfortable and amazing bedroom. There, you will be able to rest and get your energy back. Here, we share some ideas that some Japanese do.

For you who have no large area in your house, you don’t need to worry. This can be solved by applying Uroko house. It will be really useful to keep the space you have. It has been applied in some loft in Japan. You can create an outstanding bookcase bedroom. How to design it? It is really simple.

You just simply use the wooden wall that forms the bedroom as the bookcase. Build the bedroom simple. Just cover it with the wooden wall and a door. Fill it with a bed, table lamp as the lighting, and some simple storage. Accessories that are not too much can be your choice. Start building the bookcase on the wall. Have as many as cases.

You can use the entire surface for the shelves. Make it more inviting and lose the monotony of the wooden bookcases by cool décor on the upper part. Make many green papers leaves-like and apply them there. Arrange them beautifully. Make it like a tree. When it is done, you can begin storing your book collection there.

Classify the books according to the themes. This way makes you easy to get it when you need. Among the books, you can insert beautiful and interesting impression by placing some charming accessories. All has done. Add a white simple table and a yellow chair in front of the bookcase. Take your books and sit there to enjoy it.

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