11 Fantastic Painted Wood Floors

Creating a comfortable house is a must for everyone including you. You will be able to live happily if you have a cozy house. Yet, now, comfortable is not enough. You have to design it beautifully. As your house is not only a place for live but it can be one of the social measurements in your society. Many people think that the size and the beauty of a house determine the social status and their wealth.

Even, people will spend much money for that. They will take the best for their house. They will work hard and do many things to get a house as they want. There is a cheap way to make your house wonderful. That’s by presenting painted wood floors. Wood brings warmth to the room and the paint will make it more interesting.

If you like to make a luxurious house, you can begin your way of painted wood floors by choosing the best colors for that. It is very important as it can determine the mood of the room. Yellow is one of the great colors which you can use as the base color. Apply it to the entire floor in your house. When it has finished, continue your way by combining the yellow with green.

How should you work with the green? It is simple. You can apply the green in the shape of square. Just paint a green square on the floor. Make it like a chess board. Your children will like to jump from one square to another there.

To make the house look more luxurious, you should combine it with maroon wood. It is applied on the stairs. Present something luxury there. Gold? Yes, it is a good idea. Gold will give a luxurious impression to the room. Just paint the both sides of the stairs with gold patters. Choose the charming patterns. Look! It is very amazing, right?

One which can make your house luxurious is by combining the painted wood floors with the awesome lighting. Hang a luxurious chandelier and illuminate the beautiful floors with it.

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