11 Interesting Water Closet Designs

One of places in our house that may often we visit is water closet. So, making a cozy water closet is needed. Not only the cleanness of the water closet which is needed to pay attention, but also the beauty of it. So, later on when you are being there, you will not feel disgusting. Even you will be happy over there.

There are many things you can do to spruce up your water closet. Let’s see what you can do there. Present the nuance of calm and cool in the water closet through light blue as the dominant color. While make the flooring outstanding by using light brown ceramic tile. Combine it with ceiling which has same color to the floor. Then, don’t make your water closet so-so. Show your own imagination there.

Add some pictures of bricks on the bottom. With irregular shape will make your water closet look more unique. The green bushes and potted green plants will also make it more attractive. It can be ascertained that you will not get bored to see it. You may add white clouds on the other side. It will make you feel that you aren’t in the water closet.

Then, place a white toilet inside the water closet. Do not forget to add a hook for your towel. So, after you had finished your activity, you can quickly dry out your hands. A tissue box that you put on top of the toilet will also be very helpful for your activities there. To make your water closet more amazing, try to use equipment that is green. The green color will make your eyes feel fresh to look at. You are able to grab great ideas then when you are sitting on the toilet.

When you have had a great water closet, don’t forget to clean it regularly. Why? Because the interesting water closet will not interesting anymore when it is dirty and disgusting. Keep the cleanness of your water closet to keep your health.

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