11 Stunning Living Room with Stain Concrete Floors

What can you do to make your living room stunning? There many things in the living room which can be used to make your dream of having a wonderful living room happen. Even, all the things there give contribution to the beauty of the room. It is started form the big things to the small one. One of them is floor where your feet step on. You have many options of floor styles. One of them is stain concrete floors. It will give you more than just a floor. But it will also make the living room more stunning. You will never imagine that you can have the room.

Decide the theme of the room before you install the floor. It is important so that your aim can be achieved. If you like something elegant, brown stain concrete floors can be your choice. The stain will make the floor nit boring. Besides, it also brings a high art. To make it really perfect for the living room, you should combine it with other cool things. Start by adding base moldings on the wall. Paint it with white. Look! The stain concrete floors in your living room look interesting with the white moldings.

Continue by combining it with light brown wall. Pair it with white which applied on the window and door frames. Paint the ceiling with the same color as the wall. The furniture selection also has to adjust with the floor. You can use brown luxurious sofa there. Beautify it with some cushions.

Then, complete it with a glass table in the middle. Use it for placing food or drinks for your guests. Make it fresh and charming with a flower vase. In the other side, a simple table and white decorative chairs can be an interesting idea. Add some accessories there. It will be inviting.

Tell to everyone that you have stain concrete floors through a decorative chandelier in the middle of the room. Turn it on and get a relaxed moment there.

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