11 Stunning Marsala Bathroom Designs

Bathroom is one of private rooms in your house which you should design comfortably. It must be not only cozy but also stunning. You have many choices to achieve that aim. Marsala is one of ways you can apply into the bathroom. It is a great and amazing color that becomes the color nowdays. For you who want to make the bathroom charming and awesome, you can use the marsala to the wall of the bathroom. Grab other cool colors as its combination. They will be amusing combination.

Some colors which you can apply as the marsala combination is black, white, and cream. They will work together for a stunning marsala bathroom. For you who want like to present something luxurious in the bathroom, marsala can be also combined with gold. Bit gold has been enough to make the bathroom looks expensive and luxurious.

You can combine the marsala that is applied on the wall with white. White ceiling will be a good combination. Take 6 to 10 cms of the upper wall and paint it white. On the marsala wall, a gold frame mirror looks luxurious. Under the gold mirror frame, simple cream mirror stand can be your choice. As the marsala wall will go well with black and white, it can be a good way to apply them on the floor.

Design the floor of the bathroom like a chess board. Black and white square are very interesting in the bathroom. The black on the outside of the bathtub and the white on its inside with gold stands are cool. Buy also marsala accessories to add the beauty of the bathroom and the comfort of the room.

Marsala curtains are good for covering the glass windows of your bathroom. Complete it with masrsal rugs. Use marsala towels to dry up your body after bathing. Hang them in gold hangers which are floated on the marsala wall. As the marsala gives a stunning look into the bathroom, it is better for you to hang a unique pendant lamp in the middle of the bathroom.

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