11 Wonderful Painted Floors

Experience step your feet on an outstanding floor. Get a sensation to get to the bed. It will be really wonderful. To that aim, you can paint the floor of your bedroom. Wonderful pained floors will talk much to your bedroom. You just need to choose the best paint and the great color as the theme of your bedroom. Combine it with other cool bedroom ideas to get an interesting and perfect bedroom.

Begin your ways to make your bedroom inviting by choosing the colors for the floor of your bedroom. Use more than one color. Two colors are very cool. This way will not make the floor look messy or crowded but it looks modern and not boring. You can start by applying light green on the floor of the room. Make it as the base color of the floor. It means that you will paint the floor with the color.

When you have finished painting the floor with light green, you can add something interesting there. Add a bit white on the floor. You can apply the white in a square shape with blank in the middle. Shape them in small size. Paint them in order like a frame. They will form a great formation on the floor of your bedroom.

Let those two colors beautify your bedroom. If you want to present something cheerful, you can play with other bright colors. Just apply those colors for drawing some pictures in the middle of the white frames.

Your bedroom floor will be a bit crowded but it will bring a cheerful feel to the room. Make the existence of the wonderful painted floors really useful for the beautiful bedroom by combining it with white and black pattern wallpaper and white ceiling. Fill the room with white furniture.

Lose the monotonous feel by adding a bit blue on some things there. Your bedroom will be elegant. Show the wonderful painted floors in your bedroom though bright lighting. Get that lighting from the chandelier in the middle of the room. Have a nice time there!

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