12 Amazing Stone Bathroom Ideas

I just think there is no great material to build a bathroom except stone. It is really cool that gives you more than what you need. Have a look! Stone brings a natural impression. It is also eco-friendly. IF you like to build your bathroom to be modern and luxurious, it will also help you getting what you wish. It presents modern and luxurious impression at the same time.

When you want to get a rustic but natural, you may also use the stone as materials. It is really enduring. To het the stone, it is also not a hard way. You can find it almost everywhere. You just need to choose the best one according to the theme you want to apply in the bathroom.

Applying stone can be done everywhere. It means that you can use it in any items or part of your bathroom. One you can do is using stone as the legs of your bathtub. Let’s check how you should do that. Get the stone. White stones can be your choice. I think it will be warmer than the black one. Arrange the stone in order. Make sure that it is strong. You can use mortar to adhere the one’s side with other stones.

Keep the mortar inside so it will not visible that can bother the greatness of the bathtub. When it is ready, you can place the bathtub on the stone. Put the inside so it will be at the same level as the surface of the stone. Combine it with a glass faucet and a luxurious chandelier to get an expensive look. Another item you can build using stone is the wall. The stone can be a choice to decorate the wall of your bathroom. Just take a part of your bathroom for it. This will make your bathroom looks really natural.

Get more natural sense by applying some potted plants. Greenery is always a right selection in any situation and theme of any rooms in your house.

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