12 Awesome Plantation Homes

Do you want to build a home for your life? Plan it well before you start working with the project. Find the best home styles for it. Get the one which is suitable for you is a good idea. You will enjoy living there. It will also show your character.

But, what home styles can you apply to your residence? You have many options which you can take for it. One of them is by applying awesome plantation homes. Bring a cool nuance of them and get a nice place to live.

Plantation-style homes are modelled after those built across the American South prior to the civil war. They typically boast stately white pillars, a symmetrical shape and sprawling porches associated with the south, although they can be found all over the country. The grand features and spacious scale suggest the charm and genteel lifestyle of the south.

How to apply them exactly into your house? The building of the house is also high. You can build it with some pillars. Then, you can continue by building large windows. Then, it also has symmetrical facade with central front door. To make you able to easy spend your break time with your family on the afternoon, you can do that with a porch.

A deep porch is one of the plantation styles. It will bring a nuance as you want. It is also often stacked with Greek columns. In the other spaces in your house, you can also invite your family to cheat together. That’s in in a balcony. It is very interesting to be there.

With a seat of pallet furniture, you can know everyone who passes around your house or just enjoy the beautiful scenery around. A chimney is also one you can build in your house. Double chimneys are okay. You can build them with bricks or stones. Paint your house with white or red brick. It is a good choice for your plantation homes.

One thing should be considered when you are building plantation homes with a large large. Make it wonderful with thick green grass and some tress to withstand the heat of the sunlight. Enjoy your life there.

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