13 Amazing Creative Shower Ideas

Creative shower can be a nice thing in your ensuit bathroom in your bedroom. You have many options of shower styles which you can install in your bathroom. Have you ever imagined that you can get a sensation when you are bathing? A rain shower is great for you.

After the busy day that takes all your energy along the day, you can get your spirit and fresh body back under the shower. If you like to make the bedroom looks more spacious, you can blend the bathroom and also the ensuite bathroom to be one. Just separate it with a glass door.

Design it unusual. Grab the cool design shower. Build a concrete board there. The concrete board which is constructed by bricks can be covered by cream tiles. Patterned tiles are very suitable for you. Build other concrete board over it. Make it as rain showers.

Install some showers there. Lay down your body there and turn on the showers. Get great sensations while bathing under the shower. Accompany them with awesome lighting. Some ceiling lamps near the shower are cool in your bathroom. On the both sides of the shower, wall lamps are cool floated there. When you work with shower, it is better for you to apply greenery.

The greenery can be applied through potted plants. Take two or three plant pots. Place them around your shower. If you like to present luxurious feel, gold can be a good combination. Use gold faucets and other bathroom appliances. They will make your bathroom looks more luxurious. The hangers for your towels are also great to be made of gold.

When you have designed it beautifully, you can end by getting awesome lighting. Install awesome lighting which is not too bright and also not too dim. This adds the dramatic feel of the shower.

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