13 Amazing Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Cook in a great kitchen. Make you enjoy cooking and happy being there. Don’t let the routine of preparing meals for your lovely family be a boring activity. As it should be done every day, you should be smart to make it one of interesting activities.

If you think that the amazing and comfortable kitchen just can be done in a large house, it is not true. If you belong to unlucky people who have a big house, you can apply an amazing open kitchen design there. It will give a spacious impression and make you enjoy cooking there. How should you work with it?

Always plan everything you want to do well including in applying an amazing open kitchen design. To have an open kitchen, it is better for you to build it on the side of your house. This way will make you easy to keep the fresh of the kitchen as you should install windows there.

The smoke of the cook which can pollute the house can be solved by the windows. Open them widely when you are cooking. They are good ventilation for your kitchen. Next, install L kitchen cabinets on the wall and the floor. Choose light brown kitchen cabinets with black countertops to get a cool look. Make it more awesome by installing shabby green tile backsplash.

Keeping the kitchen clean and charming is what you should do in an open kitchen. Let the kitchen blends with other rooms without any dividers. You can separate the function of each room through the lighting or the furniture. In the middle of the kitchen, a white semi-circle kitchen with a glass top is a good choice for you.

Combine the glass top with a black top. You will get a modern look with them. Surround it with some black and white stools. Invite your family to have meals there for sometimes. Last, to keep the kitchen amazing, you can insert awesome pendant lamps to the amazing open kitchen design. It will be really great and you will happy cooking there.

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