13 Awesome and Wacky Bedroom Designs

Think creative and smart! Create something different from others to make you exist among others, including in the term of house design. If you are not as creative as you think, there will be an internet that can help you in achieving your dream. You just need to type what you need to know and you can get the best for you.

Now, just start from the room where you will often visit and even stay for long time to spend your spare time. That is your bedroom. There, you will also return your energy to continue your day and your life. This is the reason why a bedroom should be not only cozy but also amazing. By this, you will be surely like staying in the room. How should you design it?

It will be really outstanding when you are building a cool bedroom but it can be one with a pool. It doesn’t mean that you have an outdoor bedroom. You will separate those two rooms, but in some cases, you will be able to make it to be one. The bedroom that is built near the pool has simple design. You just need to place a cool white bed with cool headboard.

Don’t forget to keep the bedroom cool, you’d better to apply blue on the wall of the room. Big pillars that are in your bedroom are also in blue. Place two floor lamps with shiny blue lamp shade. Add a night stand as the storage for your stuff. Next to the nightstand, you may put a double sofa. A puff is also welcome there. Now, you will get a great look there. Separate the bedroom with glass doors.

Install many glass doors or the will replace the wall function. When you want to jump to the pool in the morning after getting up, you just simply open the doors and enjoy the coldness of the pool water. To make you easy open the doors, folded doors are a good choice. Enjoy your time in a cool wacky bedroom and have a great moment in your life.

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