13 Cheerful Kids Closet Designs

Teach your kids a good habit. Make them know that the place for storing their clothes is in the closet. Educate them to be an independent person. Let them get their own clothes they are going to wear themselves. To make your kids love doing the activity of getting clothes, you can design the kids closet according to their worlds.

Make the closet as colorful as possible. Present something cheerful by choosing bright colors. Apply the bright colors on the things in the closet. Then, how to create a cheerful kids closet for your lovely children?

Take a small space of your kids’ room to install a closet. Start your project by painting the wall with yellow. Fresh and bright yellow is a good choice for your kids. It will be the background of the closet. When it has finished, you can continue by coloring the woods of the closet white. Have some storage in the closet.

Try to present storage for the folded clothes and hangers in the closet to hang your kids’ coats or gowns. Taking one or two of storage in the closet for your kids’ toys is what you can do to keep the tidiness of the room. Keep the small things or trinkets your kids have in drawers. You may install them on the closet.

Think more creative! Let the middle of the kids closet blank without storage for the clothes and accessories. Use it to place a study desk. Unite the desk with the closet. Then, paint it with orange and you can combine it with a white chair. It is unusual, right? You can make your kids love the closet more by decorating it with some cartoon characters they like.

To keep the cleanness of the closet, you should pay attention where you can install the décor and how many décor you can take for it. Get an easy way to find the clothes you are looking for by installing lighting. Take some lamps and place them on the ceiling of the closet. It will be a perfect cheerful kids closet.

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