13 Cool Living Room with Mantle Décor

How to make your living room warm and comfortable? You can do it by presenting a fireplace. A fireplace brings warmth to the room. You can burn it when the weather is cold. It can be the point of the room. Yet, you should design it beautifully.

Apply the great mantle décor and work with your creative minds to perfect it. Before working with the décor, you must know how the best fireplace should be. One of many kinds of good materials for a fireplace is stone. You can use it for building the fireplace.

When you have built the stone fireplace, you can get the natural look by installing gravels on its surface. Let the original shapes of the gravels beautify the fireplace. Give a space for the charming decoration. A sill on the fireplace is a good way for you. And now, you start applying the mantle décor.

One of great décor is a TV. It has multiple functions in the living room. When you feel bored, you can turn it on and enjoy the programs there. The activity of chatting with lovely family can also be accompanied by the TV. Just place it over the fireplace.

Continue the way of decorating using flower vases. Take the most beautiful one. Red flowers and green leaves in a glass vase can be your choice. They will not only make the fireplace charming and also the red flowers will burn your spirit when your eyes are looking at it.

Do you like buying urns, handicrafts or other accessories when you have a trip? Take some of them to add the beauty there. Arrange them in order. Add the dramatic feel by installing wall lamps. Use them to frank the TV. Turn them on and they will illuminate the mantle décor beautifully.

Make the living room cool by combining the mantle décor with the great design of a living room. Please your guests and make them enjoy staying there.

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