13 Cool Rooftop Garden Designs

Make your house be one of comfortable places in your life. Spend your life time there and enjoy it. You can create a cool house to achieve your aim. Build it different form other houses.

Present a rooftop garden and it will be a wonderful house. You can work with the ideas of a garden and your own ideas. It will be really great combination. Besides, it will be also be a nice place to spend your break time in the afternoon with your lovely family.

Start building a rooftop garden by making the roof of your house concrete. The concrete will be more durable and make you easy to build a garden. It will not make the roof broken soon because of the root of the plants or flowers you plant there. Decide what you will have in the rooftop garden. You can divide the area to be two parts.

Use a part as the way to make a garden and the other part to place pallet furniture. It just takes a bit of the garden. You can protect it with a canopy. Place the most comfortable pallet furniture. Add some cushions there. They will beautify the pallet furniture.

Then, you can continue by creating a green garden. Arrange the plants well. Build a round park in the middle of the garden. Plant some shrubs there. Some pine trees are welcome on some spots. Grow grass there to make your garden wonderful. Keep it thick and green. The health of the grass also determines the beauty of your garden. So, take care of your garden.

Insert some beautiful flowers there. The cheerful nuance of the colourful flowers will be really beautiful among the green garden. Don’t forget to give path to get to the middle of the part. Put some gravels to make it more natural. Arrange them in the right place. Enjoy your time in the rooftop garden and invite your lovely family to have an intimate time together there.

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