13 Excellent Fun Bathroom Decor Ideas

Are you working for a great bathroom? Do you present something different there? Think big and creative for that. You can make your dream come true when you are having an unusual thing in the bathroom. Have you ever worked with a bee bathtub? I believe that you never do that.

Trust me by using a bee bathtub; you will get a wonderful look for your bathroom. Combining it with the right furniture and appliances or accessories is a good way to make the room interesting. This will surely make you don’t feel bored of being there. How should you work with?

A designer from Ukraine, Andrey Bondarenko has a unique creation that is a bee bathtub. The bathtub which is made in the unusual shape is really cool. Build it deep or high. Then, work with wonderful color of bee.

Yellow and black are what you should apply. Apply them in stripes like a bee. Yellow, black, yellow, black, yellow again, and black are what you have to do to the bathtub. It is not only applied on the outside of the bathtub. But, the inside of the bathtub should be in the same way.

This will make it looks more interesting. Look! Wonderful! Isn’t it? Now, it is time for you to place it on the most right spot of your bathroom. Grab the nice combination. You can firstly do by applying the fun theme into the bathroom. Why? It is done because the bee bathtub is created for fun. The white ceiling is the first combination that you can do. Go on to the wall of the bathroom.

You can install white tile to cover it. Insert yellow pattern tiles among them to make it not monotonous. Then, the flooring is also better has a similar theme as the wall. Use the other appliances for your bathroom which has a similar look as the bee bathtub. Show off the fun of the bathroom using bright lighting from the ceiling lamps and a cute yellow chandelier in the middle of the bathroom.

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