13 Inspiring Black and White Bedroom Design

Black and white always has a place in our home design. It never ends by the time. Even, it exits time by the time. For you who like modern and cool, black and white can be a great alternative. They will create a wonderful combination that makes your dream comes true. To begin it, you can simply start from the wall of the room.

Black can be applied there. Just keep the walls in black. It will be really cold. The awesome black and white bedroom design could be really cool by installing black flooring. Get the shiny floor from the store and start installing it for your bedroom. If you like to have a luxurious impression in your bedroom, marble is a good choice. Get the light through the glass floor to the ceiling windows.

If you apply black to get a masculine, it has also other side. It can be very elegant in combining with white. White ceiling is a starter of applying white.

Look! It gives you an expand view. You will also feel that your bedroom is large. When it is finished, it is time for you to select the best furniture. As furniture is not only to fulfil your need and facilitate you, but it also a way to get an awesome black and white bedroom.

Start by spreading a soft black rug there. Try to get the rug which is larger than bed. It gives you more space to do more. Now, you can use a white bed form Glove collection. Place it in your bedroom. Complete it with a white headboard. Make it as the centre of the bedroom by adding a black bed sheet and using black pillows. They provide a comfortable place for sleeping.

Two black pendant lamps which are hung low on the both sides of the bed add the coolness of the room. Put two black tables under it for placing books or a cup you enjoy before sleeping. Keep the black and white bedroom simple without many accessories. This way makes the room looks cool.

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