13 Outstanding Rustic Bathroom Designs

A bathroom is one of important rooms in your house. Everyone will be there for more than one time. They can be there for taking bathtub, checking appearance, washing hands, and other simple activities. Even, we can spend a lot of time being there.

Especially for taking bath, we can take fifteen or more minutes of our time for that. For girls, it can be more. That is why our bathroom should not only comfortable as it is a must, it must be cool. Consider the look of the bathroom. Adjust with what you like and gives you a great sensation when you are there.

Rustic theme will be a good choice for you. This will bring an outstanding performance to the bathroom. There are many things you can apply to achieve your aim. Windows are what you can do firstly there. Build some of windows there to let the natural light of sunlight comes to the bathroom. You don’t need to turn the lamps on in the morning.

Build the bathroom using woods. The wooden flooring, wall, and also ceiling are great choice for you to get a rustic feel. Let them on the original color of the woods for more rustic impression. Here, we will design your bathroom to be a dry bathroom. Take a white bathtub and place it there. Complete it with a concrete fireplace. Next to the fireplace, your activity of washing hands and face can be done.

Just hang a rectangular mirror and a sink there. Frank it with awesome traditional wall lamps. Use white simple toilet next to the bathtub. Sitting comfortably on the rocking chair is a nice moment before bathing. Relax and forget about the problems in the office for a moment.

Present the dramatic feel in the rustic bathroom by hanging dim lighting. Awesome lighting from the charming traditional lamps is really cool. Enjoy bathing there.

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