14 Amazing Mosaic Tiled Bathroom Designs

Let’s check our bathroom! Is it comfortable to do the activity? Is it also interesting and inviting so that you don’t feel bored being there? If it is not, and you feel bored with the situation around the bathroom, it is better for you to renovate it and try to apply Fap Ceramiche. This will bring your bathroom to be really amazing. As the result, it also has a new look.

As the Fap Ceramiche has many kinds of tile colors and patterns, it gives you a chance to choose the best tiles for your bathroom according to the theme you are going to apply there. Then, you can arrange them to be great mosaics. This way will surely make the bathroom more interesting.

If you like to apply from the Fap Ceramiche, cupido is one its collections that can be a great selection for you. This mosaic will allow a sophisticated, extravagant, creative and unique bathroom design. Have you ever imagined that heart mosaic can shake the coolness of the wall? This can be your idea. Installing black tiled wall is a good starter of everything.

Go on by installing the heart mosaic with palette of colors like red, gem, or pearl. They will look stunning on the black wall. Actually there are some kinds of Cupido tiles which are available for your bathroom. Some of them can be your choice. As it brings warm and natural feels, so it can be applied to the bathroom with warm and friendly bathroom.

You may also get the most unusual one. The ceramics that present an extravagant can be really great for your bathroom. Think more creative and smarter! Everyone can be free to arrange the cupido ceramics and create an amazing mosaic. Make it more dramatic by installing ceiling lamps.

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