14 Amazing Red Bathroom Ideas

Color has a great role in determining the coolness of rooms in your house. It can create the moods of the rooms as you want. Through the color you can also show who you are or your personality. One of cool colors you can apply as the theme of your bathroom is red. In combining the red with white, your bathroom will be really cool. The variety of red also helps you much to get an interesting view. You can achieve your aim firstly through the bathtub. The bathtub can be shabby cream.

If you want to make your red bathroom more looks luxurious, gold stands of the bathtub is a good way. Complete it with a bit rectangular bathtub on its side. Build it in cream. Make it more interesting with inviting patterned in the middle of the bathtub. Choose red tiles to cover the lowest part of the bathtub. Combine it with red and white dot patterned tiles.

The bathtub you designed before can be cool on red tile floor. Insert some cream tiles among the red tiles to make it more inviting. Burn your spirit up with shiny red tiles on the wall. Take two sides of the wall to be covered by red tiles and the other sides with white tiles.

Lose the boring white tiled wall by installing red and white dot tiles. The monotonous red tiled wall can be more inviting with patterned tiles on the middle of the wall. Paint the ceiling white to make everything in the bathroom in harmony. Use red and cream or white furniture and appliance for the red bathroom.

If you have started by the cream or white bathtub, you can continue it with red and white sinks. Build white concrete sink stands. Place double red sinks on it. Combine it with silver faucet for modern impression. Float double mirrors over each sink. Use the space under the sinks for storage. Install red cabinets there. They can be a place where you can store stuff in the bathroom. Perfect the red bathroom design by illuminating it with bright lighting.

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