14 Cheerful Colorful Bathroom Ideas

It is a smart way to cheer your spirit up in the bathroom. Play with colors. Bright many colors are what you should apply into the bathroom. It is easy, isn’t it? Take the tiles which have those colors. Gather all the colourful tiles on the wall.

Decide how you will work with them before starting the project. Start from the design of your bathroom. Take two sides of the wall to be painted fresh green. Paint the other sides of the walls yellow. The green ceiling as the wall color is a good thing. They can bring cheerful impression to the bathroom.

Combine the green ceiling with white molding. The window frames will look cool with white color. When you have determined the color of the room, it is better for you to choose the best flooring. Lose the monotonous of the wall by installing brown and green patterned tiles as the floor. Bathing in the shower is a nice thing you can do to refresh your body. Build it with glass.

The dark green tiles can be used to protect the wall of your shower. Black tiled flooring can be its combination. Use white furniture to fill your bathroom. Build white concrete sinks. Pair it with silver faucet. Freshen up its part with green leaves plants. Some colourful flowers there can be also your selection. Make the green wall of the bathroom more inviting by hanging a picture with white frames.

On the other space of your bathroom, float glass shelves on the wall. Let them open. Store your stuffs on the shelves. Keep it always tidy for cool look. Beautify your bathroom by adding some accessories there. Use a pink bathtub. Place it in the area with gravels. Spread red rugs there to dry up the wet feet. Apply the greenery around the bathtub. Place some green potted plants there.

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