14 Cool Bedrooms with Homemade Headboards

Power up your dream! Start your day from the bedroom. Have a good quality of sleeping there. Present a comfortable bed to make you able to rest there comfortably. The look of your bed is also important. You will get a cool bed by adding a headboard there. Work with your ability and your hands. It will give you more satisfaction. You can do that on your weekend. Your bed will cool with homemade headboards.

Design your headboard beautifully. Make it as one of great homemade headboards you have ever known. Take the wooden furniture in your warehouse and use the woods of them. This way will make your able to save your budget. It is very cheap. Before you are starting to make the homemade headboards, you can sand the woods from the used furniture. Lose the old paint, repaint with the color as you want and you will get a wonderful look with it.

If you like to get a rustic impression, you can let the woods on the original color of woods without any paints. Yet, if you belong to ones who like something modern, choose the best color for it. Get a modern feel by painting the headboards with black. Shape the headboards in a rectangular shape. Install it as the combination of your bed.

Combine the bed with an opening floating shelve. Install it on the wall over the headboard. Make it as the point of your bedroom. Place some d├ęcor there. Use photo frames of yours to beautify it. Showing your ability of painting there is a good way. Put some painting there. Frank them with some other accessories.

Then, illuminate your headboard with an awesome lighting. Install two wall lamps on the both sides of the headboards. Turn them on and it will be very cool. Perfect your homemade headboards with your own imagination. Work with it and get a cool bed for resting.

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