14 Cool Pools Decor Ideas

Getting a fresh body after the boring and tiring day is what everyone wants. The busy day which has spent their energy makes them want to be in the right place soon. And the right place for it is a pool. It gives you more than just a place for getting your body fresh back. By designing it with the design of cool pools, it will be the most wonderful place in your home.

You will be able to do many things there. It is started from the activity of the swimming or bathing to the chatting activity with your lovely ones in the break time.

How is the design of the cool pools? We will start from the shape of pools. A square pool has been common around us. Present something unusual there. Shape your pool with the shape of a guitar. You have never found it before, right? Do it to your pool.

Make the guitar pool interesting and has a cool look by installing blue tiles on the wall and the base of the pool. Use black tile to create the guitar string impression. Look your cool pool. It is like a real guitar, isn’t it? Cover the edges of the pool with brown tiles.

Use the end of the guitar pool to build stairs for getting to the inside of the pool. Do you want to make the pool more natural? Take a small space for building a fountain. Use stones as the main materials. Grow some plants around it and present a tree to withstand the heat of the sunlight when you are swimming there. Once it has finished, you can continue by designing the space around the pool beautifully.

You can do many things. Growing green grass is one what you can do. It is a good way to get a natural and fresh look. Yet, you can install paving or tiles to get a modern look. Choose the best for you. Do you like enjoying juice white swimming? It is possible for you. Just place patio furniture and it will be one of cool pools.

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