14 Fantastic Kitchen Peninsula Designs

Present something different in your kitchen. Make the cooking activity one of favorite things you do. Enjoy every single activity of preparing meals for your family. To do them, you should design it beautifully. A white kitchen is a good choice for you. It will be cool with curved kitchen peninsula. Your kitchen will be more interesting and not boring. Everyone who sees it will surely like to visit it. What should you do there? Let’s know.

Firstly, you can place the curved kitchen peninsula in your kitchen. Arrange it to be U letter by combining it with the kitchen cabinets. Try to put it on the outside of the part. Choose a white kitchen peninsula with grey stains tops. Make it cool by using the stainless steel or silver kitchen tools and appliances. Freshen up with green plants in a glass pot.

Hang some silver pendant lamps. Round pedant lamps are very suitable for your kitchen. Take three or two lamps. The lighting from the lamps will be able to illuminate the white peninsula beautifully. Surround the peninsula with some white stools.

Ask your family to enjoy the meals you cook there for sometimes. They will like it. It can lose the monotonous activity of eating in the dining room. When you have finished working with the curved kitchen peninsula, continue your way of designing a kitchen by paying attention to the other thing there.

Start by combining the curved kitchen peninsula with white flooring. Paint the ceiling white. Do the same thing to the wall. They will make the kitchen look more spacious. Keep everything in the kitchen in harmony. Grey stains countertop and white backsplash are very suitable with the white curved kitchen peninsula you place there. Complete them with stainless steel or black kitchen tools.

Finally, perfect the kitchen to be more natural and fresh by adding green a pot plant near the curved kitchen peninsula. Keep it always fresh and feel the wonderful nuance while you are cooking.

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