14 Inspiring Baby Room with Painted Wood Paneling

Do you want to create a cool room for your baby? It is simple. You can try to apply painted wood paneling. The paneling which is painted gives an interesting look to the room. It can also determine the mood of the room. Choose the best paint for it. Get the best color for your baby. Adjust it with the theme you want to apply to the room. Combine the painted wood paneling with other element in the room to get a baby room for your baby.

Begin your project by determining the theme of your baby room. Choose the best colors for it. You can use more than one color. Shabby blue can be your choice. Paint your wood paneling with that color. Combine it with white moldings. Make the shabby blue wood paneling more elegant by painting the window and the door frames white. Do the same thing to the ceiling.

Painting the ceiling with white will give a modern look to the room. It is very cool with shabby blue painted wood paneling. Install wooden floors as the combination for the paneling. Choose the dark one. It will make you step on it surely. What’s next? Present something cheerful in the room. Show the cheerful of baby world there. You can do it on the wood paneling.

Paint some letters, numbers, animals, or other pictures on the paneling. Use bright colors to paint them. Yellow, red, green, and purple can be applied there. Paint them in the smart way. Use your ability of painting to do that. Look! The painted wood paneling looks more interesting, right? Add some accessories or décor to make the baby room more inviting.

Get a nice look in your baby room by adjusting the painted wood paneling with the furniture. Choose furniture with great colors. Keep it in harmony with the color of the paneling. Happy waiting your baby birth with a nice baby room!

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