14 Inspiring Smart Storage Ideas

Are you not lucky to have a big house? Are you confused where you can store your things? Think smart! Use space in your house effectively. Build something useful for your things. Choose storage which can keep your things well. Don’t let goods in your house make the room messy and awful! Store all your things in the smart storage and get a comfortable place to live.

Start using the space under the stairs which connect the first and the second floor as storage. It will be a good choice. Build some cabinets under the stairs. Make sure that they have doors so that the things inside the cabinets will not make your room look messy. Use the upper part for placing your sport equipment and the lower part for shoes or sandals. Paint them with a great color.

Adjust it with the color of the stairs and the wall to keep every single thing there in harmony. Do you sleep on a bed with a couch? Does the couch have space under? Use it as one of smart storage. It is very effective. Nobody thinks you have many things there.

You can place some dressers there. Take sliding dressers. They will make you easy to pull and push when you need the things. On the other way, it is also possible for you to use some baskets and place them under the couch. It is simpler than you have to make some dressers. Although of course the dressers will give a modern and nice look than the baskets. The baskets are good to be put in your kids’ room.

The toys which accompany their time surely will make their room messy without storage. Just store their toys into the baskets and you can place the baskets under the bed. Let the bed sheet down to the floor. The things will not be visible. Grab the other ideas of smart storage and get an excellent small house to live. Enjoy your life there with your family.

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