15 Amazing DIY Shoe Rack

Do your shoes make your room messy? Do they really break the tidiness of the room? You need storage for them. A shoes rack is one of the kinds of storage that you can use to solve the problem. You don’t need to buy it in the store. Creating a DIY shoe rack yourself will give you more satisfaction. Besides, you will also be able to save your budget for other needs. Use your ability to finish your project.

You can begin your project by choosing the best materials for the DIY shoe rack. You don’t have to get the materials from the stores. Use the used wooden furniture in the warehouse as the materials. Take the good ones. Cut them into some pieces with a size you need for the rack. When it has done, continue your way by painting them.

Black is one of neutral colors which you can apply on them. It is suitable for any rooms. If you have a white wall, the black DIY shoe rack you make looks cool on the wall.

Then, you can install the pieces on the wall. You don’t need a back of the rack. Let the pieces form a shoe rack on the wall. Just float them there using glue. Adjust with your needs and your room. Some rows rack can help you keep the collection of your shoes.

Arrange your shoes in order. You can put them based on the color or the function. It will make you easy to get when you want to wear a pair of them. If you have colorful shoes, separate them according to the colors. They will give a nice look in the room.

Always keep the cleanness of the DIY shoe rack. Keep the mosquito or other insects away from that place by hanging a room fragrance there. Happy finding your shoes easily there!

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