15 Amazing Studio Apartment Ideas

Applying amazing studio apartment ideas to your residence can make your dream of having a nice place to live come true. The ideas will create a not large space to be a comfortable place. As it is not too large, he color selection is very important.

Choose colors that give a spacious impression. Don’t color your apartment with dark colors that tend make the room more crowded. You can use the dark colors just for the combination to lose the monotonous feel.

Let’s design your studio apartment beautifully. Start by dividing the room. As you don’t only need a place for sleeping, but also a space for eating, cooking, welcoming your guests, and other activity, you need to separate each space based on the function. It doesn’t mean that you will need many dividers.

You just need a divider because many dividers will make your apartment crowded. You will feel that it is really small. So, the divider is only used to separate the most private room with other rooms. Let the divider only cover the bed. Then, you can use the inside part for your bedroom, and the outside part for other needs.

Continue the amazing studio apartment ideas by coloring the room. Just paint the ceiling with white. You may install wooden ceiling accessories to give it an accent. Then, just do the same thing to the wall and the floor. Yet, if you like to present warmth space, wooden flooring is a good choice. Combine the colors with red which is applied on the divider.

The next idea is choosing the best furniture. Use white furniture. Choose white L shaped sofa with a black table to be place as the living room. In front of it, you can install a long white floating table. It is floated on the divider. Add a sink, stove, and cabinets there. The other side, you can use the table as the dining table. You just need to complete it with white chairs.

The bedroom is also need to be designed. Work with your own minds so you can feel cozy resting there. Finally you are working with another important thing of studio apartment ideas. That’s lighting. Use bright lighting. Get it from beautiful lamps. And you will enjoy living there.

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