15 Awesome DIY Mirror Frame Designs

What do you need in your powder room? Mirrors? Yes, it is a must in your power room. A powder without nay mirrors will be not useful. You can’t do what you have to do there. You can’t powder your face freely, you can check your performance before going to office, and many others. Yet, a mirror doesn’t not only fulfill your need, but it can be the way to beautify your powder room.

The point is not on the mirror, but its frame. You can present something charming, unique, cool, awesome, or wonderful through it. To get a more satisfaction, you can do yourself. You just need to get the mirror and the materials for frames. The DIY mirror frame will make the powder room more charming.

Let’s start working with the project. To make DIY mirror frame, you have many options for the material. One of them is glass beads. Choose the most charming ones. Get them in different colors. Then, you can work with them.

Before applying the beads, you should make the base frame. Use cardboards. Take some and cut them into some pieces according to the size of the mirror frame you want. Unite all the pieces to be a square or rectangular frame. When it has finished, decorate it with the colorful glass beads. Place them on the frames.

Use glue to make them stick on the cardboard. Arrange them beautifully. Don’t let any space without beads. It will make the frame not perfect. Another idea comes from the CD. You can take the broken CD from your home cinema. Break it into small pieces. Then, you can glue the CD pieces on the frame you make. To make the frame, do the same thing as the frame before. That’s using cardboards.

When you have glued the CD on the frame, there will be an uninteresting look between one CD pieces with another. Fill it with some filled like glue. Take the black one and see. It is really awesome. Hang the awesome DIY mirror frame on the wall of the powder room. Enjoy checking your look and get a great day from there.

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