15 Excellent Small Apartments

Are you not lucky to get a large residence? Is the apartment where you live small and you are confused how to design it? It is not too hard actually. You just need to think smart. As a place where you spend your time in your life, it is must be cozy.

Make the small apartments as comfortable as possible. Present the large impression. The large impression will make you feel comfortable living there. Besides, you also need to arrange the furniture and things there well. Put them in the right place.

One of important things in making the small apartments comfortable is by choosing the best colors. As the apartment is not large, bright neutral colors are the good choice. They will make the room look more spacious. You can start by applying white on the wall. Combine the white wall with the same color on the ceiling. Make it more interesting by adding some purple lines on the wall and moldings on the ceiling.

Present important rooms there to fulfill your needs. Dividing the high of the room to be two parts is your first way. Use the upper part to build a bedroom. You can use wooden to create it. Build wooden stairs to get into your bedroom. You don’t need to close it with wooden wall.

Yet, the divider which has function to keep your privacy in the bedroom is as high as the couch. So, it can be said that is your small apartment consists of two floors. Next, use he first floor to have some rooms. You can use the space under the bedroom or a bathroom and a kitchen in front of it. Blend the dining room with the kitchen. Design it as beautifully and complete it with some stools or chairs for dining.

Do you often receive your relatives there? If so, you can use the empty space next to the kitchen to build a living room. Make it comfortable to stay. Add a large screen on the wall. Enjoy your break time by watching your favorite cartoons. It will be nice, isn’t it? Small doesn’t mean lack of comfort. You can enjoy living and fulfill your needs in the excellent small apartments.

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