16 Amusing Green Bathroom Designs

Are you a lover of nature? If so, green will help you much in presenting what you like. Designing any rooms in your house in green theme is a good way. You will surely love it so much. It will not be boring as there are many varieties of green you choose.

Combine the green with yellow and white. You can begin by applying the green on the wall. Present many small yellow dots among them. Get the stunning one. They will make the wall looks luxurious. Make it more luxurious and amazing with two amazing wall lamps.

Try to buy the most charming one. When it is done, you can continue by installing black flooring. The black will not bother the natural nuance of the green wall. It tends to neutral and gives a natural sense of stones. It will be a good way when you get the black tiles with green patterns. Go on your way by painting the ceiling of the bathroom cream or light yellow. Keep everything in harmony.

When you are working with a bathroom theme, you need also to think about the furniture selection and accessories there. Get started applying a cream bathtub with unique gold stands. Pair it with gold faucet for outstanding appearance. Close it with white portable dividers. Buy the coolest one. Add other black furniture to support and make you easy to do your activities.

Put a black table near the bathtub. Make it looks luxurious by gold accessories. Storage near the bathtub can help you when you are bathing although just for laying your towel. Fulfil your need in the bathroom by installing sinks. More than one sink is very possible for you.

White sinks stands with green bowl sinks can be a great choice. Install round mirror over the sinks and enjoy washing your face there. Lighting will be the finishing of everything you had done. It is the last you can do to add the dramatic of the bathroom. Dim lighting form the awesome chandelier is very cool for the green bathroom.

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