16 Astounding Painted Furniture Ideas

A bedroom is one of rooms in a house with a high privacy. You do many private activities there. Even, you can spend along the day by doing nothing there. By this reason, you should make your bedroom be one of the most comfortable rooms in your house. Make you able to enjoy sleeping, resting, and spending your time there.

Present something different in the room. Get something you like and try to use the best furniture to make you feel at home there. One you can do is paining the furniture. Maybe you have never thought about that. But it will make the room more interesting. Catch the great painted furniture ideas to help you with the project. Apply them one by one and later you will have a bedroom as you want.

As a teenager, making a funky bedroom is maybe one of your dreams. You can make the dream happens by the painted furniture ideas. First, take the study desk with some dressers and cabinets which used for learning. Paint with many colors. You can start using the blue to color the door of cabinets.

Then, continue your way by painting the door of the dresser with pin with green pattern on its center. Combine those by yellow edges. It is very unusual, right? Next, apply the yellow on the other side of the cabinets. Combine it with pink edges. On the other side, pink, yellow, green, and blue can be applied in the same time on the cabinets.

Choose white and black as the color of the desk. Don’t forget to paint the chair as the next idea. Use pink as the main color of the chair. Make it more interesting by painting the middle of the chair back with yellow. What’s the other furniture you can use to make the bedroom funky? It is a headboard of your bed. Paint it with blue and a bit shabby green. It will be very funky.

Show the great painted furniture ideas you applied through awesome lighting. Get it from the chandelier or a table lamp. Choose the best and have a perfect bedroom to stay.

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